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How to create custom theme in WordPress and how it is better than ready made themes?

Custom theme development is very professional way to create a website because it present website as a real website which is fully customize.

It would have all the features according to customer requirements. you can manager website from admin panel easily.

You don’t need to compromise with functionality and design

In Pre design theme you can face many problems with functionality and design because its design conflict other sections and the functionality also conflict lots of issues with jQuery in predesign theme


  • You can manage website easily its admin panel very friendly with users.
  • It is faster than predesing theme.
  • you don’t need to compromise with design and functionality.
  • It gives website real look & feel.
  • It is flaxible for future you can add more function in according to your requirement.


  • It’s cost more than a pre-design theme.
  • It is time consuming method.
  • It need very professional and experience developer.